Cotgreave Farm

Cotgreave Farm is owned by Jonny and Rachael Shawyer and is Parelli 4* Senior Instructor Rachael's main teaching base. Rachael teaches regular Parelli Courses and lessons at Cotgreave Farm as well as longer camps in the summer.


"Our dream when we bought Cotgreave Farm was to create a horsemanship centre where people and their horses would feel welcome and at ease and at the same time be able to learn and make great leaps of progress in a short period of time. Watching this becoming  reality has been amazing and so rewarding and we are now looking to run courses by guest instructors in other topics such as horse health to compliment the natural horsemanship courses already taking place. 


The other part of our vision is to create a wildlife haven that blends with our horsey dreams. Jonny and I have a great passion for nature and have now begun work on putting in nature corridors across the land and planting more hedgerows, trees and wildflowers. Jonny has started beekeeping and we have switched to completely organic feeds for the horses to encourage as many little friends as we can to come and share our Farm.  We'd love you to come and visit us and invite you to come and share our dream here at Cotgreave by joining us for a course with your horse."

Facilities at Cotgreave Farm include:-

a 20m x 60m sand and rubber arena

a full set of show jumps

  a 60m x 60m grass playground

a 4 acre play field with a variety of obstacles including:

cross country jumps ranging from 40cm to 90cm and a round pens


 grazing pens

horse wash area


For your comfort we also have:

 a classroom overlooking the arena with leather settees and tea and coffee making facilities 

a garden seating area with comfy outdoor sofas and picnic tables.


 a camping area for those wishing to stay onsite in horse boxes, vans and tents 


a guest shower and changing room