Focus on Finesse 

Finesse riding course (Levels 3 & 4)

16th - 20th May 2022 

27th Sept - 1st Oct 2022



5 days of horsemanship focusing on Finesse riding. The course will include a mixture of theory, simulations and practical exercises. We'll look at refining your position, balance and aids. Look at exercises to improve both yours and your horses suppleness and strength. Improve your understanding of straightness and healthy movement and how to see and feel when your horse is moving in a straighter, more balanced way. Teach you how to ride more accurate and harmonious straight lines, circles, transitions and lateral maneuvers, using patterns and obstacles to keep it interesting and provocative for your horse so they can enjoy the learning process too.
Pre-requisites for this course are.. that you can play all seven games to approx level 2 standard or above and are able to ride your horse confidently in at least walk and trot in an arena. 

Focus on Finesse course price £600, deposit of £300* (non refundable) due at time of booking

 Price of £600 is for 5 days tuition and horse board.


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Payment can also be made by bank transfer please email for more details.


For more information on this course please email or
or call on 0777 2252 991 or 07917 443 288.


* Deposit of £300 is non- refundable