Liberty and Bridle-less Camp

19th - 23rd Aug 2024  


Ideal for those working in Level 3 and 4 this course has a nice balance of Liberty and Freestyle. Learn to play at Liberty in a round pen as well as in large areas and as part of a group, it doesn't matter whether you are just starting out or quite advanced you will be given exercises and challenges to suit you. Likewise for the Freestyle elements, with a variety of different sized riding areas including flat and sloped ones you will learn how to ride your horse without reins. I'll teach you how to use patterns to be able to ride straight lines, circles, turns and transitions all from your focus and seat. You'll learn how to have your horse 'get the game', understand what you are asking and be willing to help you. Then when you are ready, put your partnership to the test and experience the exhilarating feeling of riding with no bridle or halter and being in complete control. This course has a lovely summer camp feel to it, set at the end of May with picnics, camp fires and barbecues it's a great week away with your horse learning how to do the stuff dreams are made of.

"Brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed my week on this course, cannot recommend Rachael Shawyer and her superb style of teaching enough"  - Ned Pea, Aug 2020


"Brilliant week. Fantastic value for money. Great facilities and inspirired teaching as always. Thanks Rach xxx" - Jo Wright, Aug 2020

"it was fantastic and I'm so happy with the changes Sim made in how he moves! He has never felt so good! "

- Gemma Caddy, September 2017

"Home after a wonderful fortnight of fun and learning. Loaded Boris myself this morning and drove home from Ilkeston - over 3 hours. Boris traveled perfectly and I did pretty well too :) Met some great people and learnt so much from a wonderful teacher - already looking forward to going back " - Jane Allen, September 2017

"Home again after an amazing week of learning with Rachael Morland (Shawyer) . Fantastic advances in liberty and freestyle with Neco, culminating in slide stops and flying changes with no reins. Love my pony! Thanks to Rachael and everyone else there for a lovely fun time also. Awesome week! 😀"- Bridget stein - September 2017

Liberty and Bridleless Course. Price = 650, Deposit* = £200

Course price includes 5 days tuition and 5 nights horseboard.

*Deposits are non refundable


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We also accept Bank transfers as payment. Please contact us for more details.


For more information on this clinic please email
 07917 443 288.


"Absolutely fantastic week! Was absolutely over the moon with the progress Skyla and I made and was really proud of the progress the other ladies made with their horses. Definitely an unforgettable week filled with amazing moments, fantastic people, good weather and lots of learning. Thank you so much Rachael, your patience and inspiration are limitless! Thank you for helping us to achieve our dream and for giving me the knowledge to keep improving so I can be the best partner for Skyla that I can be"

- Deanna Stevenson, Aug 2020


"Thank you so much. Absolutely fabulous week. Lovely weather great company. Best Ever instructor Rachael Shawyer. Bear was the best" - Gillian Lanning, Aug 2020

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