What is the Parelli program and how do I get started....

The Parelli Program is primarily a home study program designed to teach you the skills to become an excellent leader and partner for your horse. As a program it gives you step by step exercises and tasks along with the appropriate theory, short videos and problem solving tips so you can learn at your own pace in a step by step manner. The program is divided into 4 levels and also into ground and ridden skill sections, known as 'the 4 Savvy's', Online, Liberty, Freestyle and Finesse.


Each Level has a number of tasks to be completed to a set standard and you can choose to be officially assessed by Parelli to gain certification for each Savvy, at that Level. On passing a Parelli level you will be sent a certificate and coloured Savvy string (a different colour for each level). 


How do I start/ access this program?

The most cost effective way is to join the Savvy club which gives you full access to the whole program for £20 a month (this can be cancelled at anytime so you are not locked into a long contract).

You can access this online program from your home computer and from your smart phone or tablet so you can easily remind yourself what to work on whilst with your horse if needed. Each lesson has a short video or two to give you a visual of what to do and is accompanied by written instructions and the objectives of the exercise as well as problem solving tips and advice. On completing the lesson you can tick the box and then choose whether to go to the next lesson or return to the overview of your progress pathway. 

What if I'd like lessons with my horse?


Parelli has certified Parelli Instructors such as myself that teach regular courses and lessons to support your learning and progress through the program. Getting hands on help from a Parelli Professional will really boost your progress, and doing courses with other students and horses will allow you to practice being a leader in different environments, away from home, and in distracting situations where there are other 'new' horses around. It also gives your horse chance to get out and about and gain confidence in new environments and situations in a safe, controlled situation where you can put your horses needs first. This is excellent preparation for going to shows and other events later on. I set my courses up in a way that looks after both the confidence of the horse and the human whilst at the same time giving each partnership tasks and challenges that will help push them to improve. If you are just starting out a Level 1 course is the best one to do and gives you everything you need to complete Level 1.


Parelli professionals are graded by a star ranking. To enter the instructor program you must first complete Levels 1 to 4 of the program with your own horse and then spend time with Pat and Linda and their top instructors at one of their centres to become a 1 star trainee. To increase and keep their star rating instructors need to build experience teaching, assist higher level instructors, bring more horses to Level 4 and spend regular time in continued education with Pat and Linda. 


How do I start the online program?


To join the savvy club and get instant access to the program use this link. Once logged in you can choose to follow the touch stones or the full horsemanship (levels) program. 


Level 1 is all ground skills but you will see that Levels 2, 3 and 4 contain riding sections and also liberty sections too.  


Please do feel free to get in touch if you struggle with getting started I am always happy to help rachaelmorland@hotmail.co.uk

Are there any other costs involved? 


It's recommended that you have a rope halter and 12ft line along with a carrot stick and savvy string to get started. You will learn fully why Pat designed and recommends this particular equipment and how to use it appropriately in the first part of level 1 but to explain quickly it's mainly about safety and helping you be clearer in your communications with your horse.


As you progress into higher levels, there are a couple of longer lines you'll need as you and your horse become ready for them (a 22ft for level 2 and a 45ft for level 3 and 4)  and you'll want a second carrot stick for level 3 but other than that it's just your normal saddle and bridle unless you particularly want to buy other Parelli made items. As a savvy club member you will receive a 25% discount on any Parelli equipment you buy. You can order equipment in the Uk from the Parelli shop, click here. 



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