Level 1 courses



26th - 27th March  - two spaces available

15th - 16th October



2 day courses held at Cotgreave Farm, Park Hall Lane, Mapperley. Derbyshire.



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 If your course is not able to go ahead, or you are unable to attend due to a Covid - related lockdown, then you may transfer any payments to a new course date.


This is a two day ground skills clinic that will teach you how to be a safe and confident leader on the ground and provide you with the preparations for how to achieve this in the saddle too. Levels 1 to 4 are all about putting a solid foundation on your horse so that you are ready to go anywhere and do anything together. In Level 1 you begin by learning a language so you can communicate with your horse.


Your level 1 clinic will consist of theory sessions, simulations and practical sessions with your horse. 


Theory sessions.

We will look at basic horse behaviour and psychology, helping you understand why horses (being prey animals) do the things they do, how they learn and the body language they use to communicate with and then how us (predators) often think and respond to situations very differently to them meaning that we often struggle to have the harmonious relationships we dream of. Whether you are on this clinic to improve and deepen an already great partnership or to get help with challenging behaviour(s), learning to see things from the horses point of view and understanding 'why' they do what they do is vital.



These will help you improve your 'tool savvy', awareness of body language, your 'feel' for the horse and your timing.


Practical horse sessions.

In these sessions you will begin by learning how to have your horse respect your personal space when leading and handling, giving you more control and keeping you much safer. You will then learn how to play the seven games (the language) with your horse, this will improve your communication and partnership, helping your horse gain confidence in themselves and in you as a leader as well as becoming happier, more polite, more responsive and more willing to please. As we learn the seven games we will also be using them to problem solve if needed and deal with any challenging behaviour that may occur both on the ground and/or ridden. 


By the end of the 2 day clinic you will have covered everything you need to be able to pass level 1 of the Parelli Program. 


If you would like to book/ spectate on a level 1 clinic you either book online below or if you would like more details please email alex@rachaelmorland.co.uk or rachaelmorland@hotmail.co.uk
or call 07772252991 or 07917 443 288

Level 1 courses - Course price £250 includes horse board for 1 night. Deposit (non refundable) £130

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When you book a course we will send you an information and logistics form to help you plan your stay. This contains course timings, what to bring for you and your horse, directions to find us and a list of local accommodation.


If you would like me to send you this form before you book so that you can work out options please just send me a quick email to rachaelmorland@hotmail.co.uk asking for a Cotgreave Farm courses logistics form.