Ground skills - 2 day course

online course - Levels 2/3/4

7th - 8th Sept 2021

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 If your course is not able to go ahead, or you are unable to attend due to a Covid - related lockdown, then you may transfer any payments to a new course date.


This course is suitable for anyone working in Level 2 or above on the ground and will really suit those who have youngsters or more challenging horses that can't be ridden yet or for those who just prefer to stay on the ground and keep progressing in this area. This course will also suit anyone looking to improve their trailer loading. 


We'll look at improving connection, feel, timing and responsiveness at longer distances and also how to make things more fun and interesting to your horse by playing the games in different ways and from different zones, challenging you and your horse to learn new skills and increase your imagination when playing on the ground.